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San Francisco, CA


My artwork naturally runs the gamut from very avant-garde to very traditional because that encompasses our world. Itís all Imaginative Reality! Thus, my style varies in order to fully explore our intrinsic connection to the universe.

Find empathy, humor, and/ or mystery in each photo & title. Meanwhile, each picture provides you with a unique viewpoint, charm, & lasting enjoyment!

My individual pictures often mingle opposite elements. The Figurative (recognizable forms) & the Abstract are actually at home together on the page. Both are shapes plus they share reality! Combining their first few letters, I term this FAB Art.

"Your artwork is compelling and unique."- Artist Agency.

Thank you for your visit!

2014 © Nick David. Artist retains copyright to all of his images.

Let's become Twitter friends: @RecklessDreamN

Book site: The entire screenplay is yours to enjoy for FREE there!

Everyday worries disappear when you realize how much more you are than just an ego. Your relationship with everything blossoms! My writing and my artwork emphasize this. Thank you for your interest. It is much appreciated! Enjoy!


Abstract Gallery

FAB Exploring Water Themes Gallery

Abstract Tapestries Gallery

FAB Involving Landscapes Gallery

Figurative Landscapes Portraits Gallery

FAB in Portraiture Gallery

Traditional Portraiture Adults Gallery

Traditional Variety of Subjects Gallery

Figurative Portraiture Children Gallery

Traditional Portraiture Children Gallery