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Under Wraps

January 11th, 2014

Under Wraps

A sexy young woman flirts near a dissolving gate and a hazy tunnel which holds an oncoming subway train. Train of thought plotting along. It wasn't meant to end this way. It wasn't meant to end. Just the beginning. Barely. Bare shoulder for starters.

Words became clues. Busy. Whirling. Holding down. Or was she holding up... something? A package about to disappear. Walled tracks. Was this a dream continuing somehow in white fog? Or tracks of melting snow. All aboard. Pulling down, pulling up, pulling gently on her own distraction.

Blue glows. Lights and high heel boots. Vanishing into the moment. So that you missed the transfer... of a certain nest egg. Replaying the footage in my mind. Green blouse, a yellow band, then the red color. Caution to the wind. Something valuable disappeared... into travel.

On A Dare

December 18th, 2013

On A Dare

On A Dare whisks you away on a steep downhill 3d adventure! Afterwards, circulate at your leisure in the well below. Warning: It's very difficult to climb back up the slope. I should install an escalator but there is the expense.

Racing, skiing, or just plain rolling down the hill is strictly allowed. Just watch out for bowlers! Meanwhile, wavy lines may or may not wave back. Enjoy everything at both your own risk and that of others!

Crowd the Figurative enough and it becomes Abstract. Then less equals more. For now, anyway. Trees along the roadway are light statues. Lines, circles, and ovals play all day. However, they have that tendency to band together after dark. Thus, carry a flashlight so you can expose them!